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Rev Susan Greenwood (Superintendent)
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So you've thought about trying Yoga before.  The well documented and multiple benefits to the mind, body and spirit appeal to you but then you think.…

I don't really have the 'right clothes'…
I'm not really the typical 'Yoga type'.…
I'm not very flexible…
I've never done it before so I won't be any good.…
Yoga is something that other people do.…
My knees are not what they used to be....!

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might have been deterred from practising Yoga in the past.

 But consider this. If you learned to drive in the past, on your first lesson did you jump into the driver's seat without any instruction, gear up to 5th and jump into the outside lane of the A19?  Or, did you have numerous lessons, and have been learning better ways of driving ever since!

My new Yoga class aims to dispel the myths about practising Yoga because truly, Yoga is for everyone. It is a gift that is available to anyone who can overcome the misconceptions of 'who you need to be' to practise Yoga.  You may have never stepped on a Yoga mat before.  You may have practised Yoga in the past or do so currently.  My new Yoga class at Nunthorpe Methodist Church Hall aims to introduce new people to Yoga whilst also accommodating those beyond the complete beginner's level.  So what are you waiting for?  Let the potential Yogi in you, out.  

Discover the physical benefits of strengthening and opening your body, the calming and invigorating breath, and the joy of finding space for yourself to just 'be'. The first class will be held on Wednesday 4 March, 10-11.15am and is free, but there are only 12 places available (9 as of 20 Feb).  Advanced booking is essential.  For more information or to reserve your place please contact Ann Marshall on 07912 883149 or email at yogaandyou@outlook.com

Alpine Garden Club

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The National Blood Donor Service

The service visit 6 times a year. You can see the diary and even book a session on line