First in our prayers are Helen & Bob as they take on a new challenge in Birmingham, 2 very different churches from ours.  Also please pray for Huw Sperring as he takes oversight for our Church until September, when Susan Greenwood joins us.  Lots of changes and hopefully new beginnings, which will lead to good things ahead.
The Lent Groups have begun, studying 'Breaking News', please pray for both the leaders and those attending the groups.  All the churches in our area are taking part, it is good when we can work together, and share our different ideas in a friendly way.
Churches throughout the Tees Valley have begun preparations for Hope 08.  For the whole of this year, events, outreach, practical acts, mission, many things are taking place with all the churches working together and hopefully making a difference in our region and throughout the whole country.  One special event is the 'Just 10' series of talks based on the  10 Commandments, which will take place in Preston Park.  Please pray for the success of this whole venture, that it will, indeed. be a blessing to may people.
On February 24th, there will be a Confirmation Service, when Ashley Bilen, Kathy Taylor and Rachel Bloomfield will be received into membership.  Please remember them in your prayers as they take this step of commitment.
  Living God,
  Open my heart to what you would say, even when I would rather not hear it.
  Open my life to what you would have me do, even when I would rather not do it.
  Help me to respond to your disturbing, challenging word.
         in the name of Christ.  Amen.

An invite to Helen's leaving do


In 2004 we held a Time & Talents campaign which challenged everyone to think about their particular talents and abilities, and to consider how they might make some time available to use them, to further the work and ministry of the church.
 This was followed in 2005 by TRIO (
The Responsibility Is Ours) which looked specifically at the financial status of the church and, with the very real prospect of costs exceeding income, invited members to review their regular giving. The presentation also raised awareness of the different ways financial contributions can be made, and in the case of Gift Aid, how they could be maximised to benefit the church.
 Your response to these campaigns has ensured that we have continued to welcome new people into new tasks and roles within the church and our income has matched increasing costs year on year.
Thank you for all that you do and what you give.
 This coming year, in addition to higher running costs and our commitments to missionary work and charitable organisations, we will incur extraordinary expenditure (about 4000 in total) on special maintenance items such as internal / external painting .
 If you can help us meet these costs by reviewing and if possible, increasing your regular giving, we would be extremely grateful.
 Catherine Everitt can let you have weekly offering envelopes, advise you on setting up a Standing Order (some people find that easier than filling the envelopes) and she would like to hear from you if you pay income tax and have not filled in a Gift Aid form.  Her phone number is 300355.

Every Wednesday for 10 weeks.
From April 23rd.

With music, video and an entertaining presentation from J.John the 10 Commandments are presented in a positive light, showing that far from being a set of rules to oppress us, they are the key to finding freedom in life.
Week 1: How to find true contentment (  23rd April)
Week 2: How to hold to the truth (  30th April)
Week 3: How to prosper with a clean conscience (  7th May)
Week 4: How to affair-proof your relationships (14th May)
Week 5: How to tame your temper (21st May)
Week 6: How to keep peace with your parents (28th May)
Week 7: How to stop driving yourself crazy (4th June)
Week 8: How to take God seriously (11th June)
Week 9: How to know the real God (18th June)
  Week10: How to live by priorities (25th June

Booking Rooms
If you wish to book a room in our premises for any occasion please contact
Marilyn Wilkinson (320361)
who is now our bookings secretary.