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Nunthorpe Methodist Church

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Rev Susan Greenwood (Superintendent)
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Communion - Share Bread & Wine as Jesus did with his disciples

Methodists encourage eveyone to share communion bread and wine. On the days when we celebrate communion, we give the young folk the longest time to enjoy their activities and then ask them to rejoin the main body of the church to partake.

Nunthorpe church bless and use ordinary bread and alcohol free wine.

Neither you or your child needs to be a member of the church to accept communion but if you would prefer a blessing instead, simply don’t lift your hands to take the bread. The Minister will often place their hand on the head or shoulder, saying a short blessing.

If you or your child do not wish to come to the communion table, this is also acceptable. You will not be focused upon. Some may have already attended a service earlier or perhaps have an allergy to the wheat, so you will not stand out.
Feel comfortable… you and your child are our guests.

Parents are very welcome to stay with younger children whilst they are getting to know the church and their fellow group members.

Safe Guarding - 

Cogs meets each week at 11.00 am as part of Sunday Worship.

There are currently 3 age groups:  Primary under 7's    Juniors 7 yrs to 11 yrs   Seniors 11 yrs and older

The young people in Cogs join the church family for the first part of the Sunday worship and then go to their activities elsewhere in the building.

The activities within all the sessions reflect our Methodist teachings but are crafted so that new members and visitors can enjoy their time with us.

COGs Party

Invitation to all church family children for a party on February 4th at 3pm till 5.30pm. Sandwiches  and Jelly and ice cream will be provided and we ask parents to supply cakes, chocolate snacks and crisps. To all grandparents your grandchildren are warmly invited to our party if you could just let COGs staff know please.  Kay, Jean, Marilyn and Julie





22nd Jan

Luke 5 v 1-11

Calling the disciples Team strengths

29th Jan

Matthew 6 v25-34

Sermon on the mount 1 Rich v Poor

5th Feb

Matthew 5 v 43-48

Sermon on the mount 2 Friends & Enemies


12th Feb

Genesis 1

Creation story

19th Feb

Genesis 3

Temptation Theme

Adam and Eve

26th Feb

Matthew 4 v1-11

Temptation theme Jesus in the wilderness

5th March

John 9 v 1-41

Healing/Miracle Man born blind

TOGS - Catherine

12th March

John 11

Healing/ Miracle Lazarus

19th March

Ruth 1


26th March

Exodus 2 v1-10

Mothering Sunday - Moses in the River

2nd April

John 13 v1-17

Last supper / washing of feet

TOGS - Kay

9th April

Luke 22 v54-62

Palm Sunday / Peter's betrayal

16th April

EASTER DAY Family service

Luke 24 v1-12

? Children to make an Easter garden

23rd April

Luke 24 v13-33

Road to Emmaus

30th April

Daniel 6

Old Testament series - Daniel & the Lions

7th May

2 Kings 4 v1-38

Old Testament series Story of Elisha and the widow

TOGS - Catherine

14th May

1 Kings Ch17-19

Old Testament - Elijah and the prophets


21st May

Our Founder

Story of John Wesley

Methodist church website - History

28th May

Acts 1 v6-10


4th June

Acts 2 v1-6

Pentecost Celebrating the Birthday of the church

TOGS - Kay

11th June

Matthew 25 v14-30

Parable of the talents

18th June

Luke 15 v11-32

Prodigal Son

25th June

John 4 v1-26

Woman at the well

2nd July

Galatians 5 v22-23

Fruits of the spirit

TOGS - Kay

9th July

End of year party

Maybe in the garden